It has been a few months since I last did an update to the article list, and sadly it will be a few more days before I can get to updating that list…

There has been a lot happening down here in Guatemala. Since the end of April the country has been rocked by a massive corruption scandal that has reached the highest levels of the Government. It has already led to the resignation of the Vice President and at least 6 Ministers. I have updated the photo sets to include photos from the #renunciaya movement.

Now for an important note. I have been living in Guatemala for nearly a year, and for how busy I have been, I an currently not earning enough meet all the needs that have been arising. Beginning in July I will be launching a fundraising page or a paypal link for those who are interested in supporting journalism from below. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me.

Thanks to everyone who visits this website.

Greetings from Guatemala!

Sorry I haven’t been the best at keeping this updated, and I’ve been busy – And I’m only now realizing how busy I’ve been since I lasted updated this site…

These aren’t in any sort of order, but my work can be found here:

This is a republish from the Ecologist

My work is once again on Upside Down World – I’m thrilled!

I talked a little about the situation with migration on an episode of Radio Dispatch, but this article at Truthout gets more into the situation.

This year I’m thrilled to announce that I’m officially a correspondent for the Chilean outlet Prensa OPAL. We are currently in the process of building a website, but in the meantime my work with them can be found here at our Oximity account.

And speaking of Radio Dispatch, I appeared on their show again to talk about the environmental impacts of the TPP and CAFTA, as well as the criminalization of social movements in Guatemala. Listen here.

There will be a couple other articles being published this next week. I’ll try and post them here.

I’m also considering doing a weekly breakdown of important stories from Guatemala and Central America. I’m really not a fan of the 5 thing model of reporting that has become so popular, but I might do something similar to bring attention to important stories that are not being reported on. Stay tuned. I have ideas. I always have ideas…


There has been a lot happening recently. I just finished my section for a book about the impact of war and neoliberal policies on children. I don’t have many details to share about the publishing of the book and such, but I can say that my section is focused on the re-militarization of Guatemala and evictions. I’ll post a link to the book eventually.

In the mean time, there are still my articles. This is my most recent for Truthout:

In other news, I recently appeared on Radio Dispatch to discuss neoliberal trade policies and the impact in Central America. You can listen here:

I will be appearing on the show again to continue discussing what is inside the Trans Pacific Partnership – that we know about.

Lastly, back in December I was interviewed by two journalists from Norway. We discussed the social movements and the duel reality of Guatemala. They just recently published a piece that includes a quote from me. It is in Norwegian, but hey, my name appears there.  Also several of my friends appear in the article as well.

Well, there will be more updates soon.

There are a lot of things in process right now. Some cool things are happening. But before I can tell anyone about them, please enjoy my latest article over at Truth Out.

The last few months have been slow. There hasn’t been a lot of my work being published. But here is one of the first sets to come out in 2015. I traveled with a few friends from Prensa Comunitaria to rural Huehuetenango for the anniversary of Radio Snuq’ Jolom Konob’. This article features my photos from the event.